Celebrate your first romantic holiday in New Zealand


If you are planning for your honeymoon, then you should definitely come to New Zealand as it can offer you plenty of great locations for you to explore when you are with your loved one. Here at New Zealand, you can find plenty of opportunities to spend some quality time with your loved one. In fact, the options of honeymoon packages available in New Zealand may leave you totally spoilt for choices.

Why consult a reliable travel agency in New Zealand

To make sure that you have the best honeymoon package for yourself, it is important that you make your choice after considering all the options in offering. You should also hire a reputed travel agency for making sure that you have the best time of your life with your loved one when you are in New Zealand. Freedom Tourism is one of the best travel agencies offering great honeymoon packages to people from India looking to visit New Zealand. By getting in touch with them, you can go for a perfectly customized honeymoon experience in New Zealand and enjoy its true beauty. Freedom Tourism can also let you know everything about honeymoon activities so that you can choose experiences that appeal to you and your partner. 

Here are some of the possible honeymoon packages that you can try out when you are in New Zealand.

Waiheke Island

If you and your loved one are ardent wine lovers, then you can really try out honeymoon packages for Waiheke Island. The location of Waiheke Island is just a short ferry ride of 50 minutes away from the downtown Auckland. Waiheke Island is an amazingly beautiful place that is surrounded by clean blue waters. The region is also known for its ferry terminal, empty beaches and friendly locals. If you want to explore the region at your own pace, then you can certainly get a rental car which you can use for the whole day. You can also be a part of vineyard tour or a scenic tour consisting of a small group.

Blackwater Rafting close to Waitomo Caves

If you are an adventurous soul, then you should definitely go for the Blackwater rafting experience close to the Waitomo Caves. In fact, this trip is considered to be one of the best adventure trips right now for tourists coming to New Zealand. The trip is a safe and fun activity that you can both take part of. While you will certainly get wet for this trip, you can have a shower and a BBQ after the main tour. It takes about four hours for the tour to be completed. You will need to bring your towel and swimwear when you sign up for this.

Kayaking and hiking at the Hahei Beach Coromandel Peninsula

Coromandel Peninsula offers some of the most picturesque locations and you can take numerous great pictures here. You can also indulge in kayaking and hiking which are excellent fun and adventure activities.

Orakei Korako Flight and walking excursion

The area between Taupo and Rotorua is said to be the most geothermally active region of New Zealand. When you are here, you can visit numerous reserves such as Waimangu, Waiotapu and Te Puia. From Orakei Korako, you can also take a scenic flight that starts from Rotorua and take you over the whole area. The package also consists of a walk through the amazing volcanic wonderland. One of the best advantages of this trip is that you can certainly steer clear of the tourists who tend to visit the various other reserves. It is important that you have a pair of good walking shoes as well as a rain jacket in case there are some showers.

Here are some of the other things that you can do while you are honeymooning in New Zealand.

·         The Southern Cross offers an excellent opportunity for you and your partner to stargaze. The night skies here offer crystal clear view of the starry skies. You can also view the Aurora Australis and its beautiful symphony of colors on a good day.

·         New Zealand is known for its abundant marine life, excellent coastline and beautiful islands. You can explore the sights of this region as you take a boat and enjoy the distinct scenery of the region.

·         If you are an adventure lover and would want to take some great snapshots of the beauty of New Zealand, then you should definitely go for a balloon ride as it can offer you excellent views of the whole area. It is also a great way for you and your partner to bond together.

·         Another popular activity among honeymooning couples in New Zealand is skydiving. You can jump from an airplane and soar high above the New Zealand sky which can translate into an experience that you and your partner will never forget.

·         Another great activity to enjoy for honeymooning couples is to go for a private picnic where you and your partner can greatly enjoy each other’s company and have great conversations over food and wine.

·         You can also take a walk in some of the local vineyards and enjoy the calming effect it has on both of you.   

·         New Zealand offers some of the finest spa treatments and you can also go for a mud bath that can rejuvenate your skin. There are plenty of hot pools in New Zealand that can provide you an invigorating experience.