Important update on Australia visas

Australia Visas time frames have already reduced significantly and it will continuing to reduce.

Travel Partner, recently Australia Tourism Shared important updated regarding Australia Visas

See the Below Update by Australia Tourism

We are pleased to share that the Department of Home Affairs (HA) at the Australian High Commission, is proactively reducing the processing timelines for Australian tourist & business visas. You may have noticed that time frames have already reduced significantly and they are continuing to reduce. In May 2019, 60% of all visas were finalised in 3 business days and 90% were finalised in less than 20 days. Here are some recommendations that will further facilitate the reduction in processing time frames and help us to improve the compliance rate. 


1.       HA strongly recommends lodgement of all visa applications online. However, some agents continue to lodge paper applications. These will neither be escalated nor be accorded any priority.


2.       Grouping of applications: It is strongly recommended to create a GROUP ID for a family, group of friends, and even a couple, so that their applications are processed together. If the applications are not grouped, they may be treated as single travellers, thereby increasing the chances of different visa outcomes. The GROUP ID can be created on page 3 of the application process - under Group Processing, wherein the applicant is asked – Is the application being lodged as part of a group of applications? You should tick ‘YES’ for more than 1 member travelling together.


3.       Consent form for children under 18 years: Applications for all kids/ minors under the age of 18 who are not applying with both parents need to be supported by FORM 1229, which needs to be signed by both parents, along with appropriate supporting documents to allow for verification of signatures of both parents. The list of documents include Passport, Drivers licence, or PAN card.


4.       Evidence of previous travel history: It is important to scan all previously secured visas, entry & exit stamp into other countries, or arrival stamp into home country, to establish previous outbound travel history


5.       Sufficient financial evidence to support the holiday spend:  if your 3 months of bank statement does not evidence sufficient funds then include other forms of evidence to support your financial capacity. These may include 3-year ITRs, Fixed Deposits, Ownership of assets, Investments in shares/ bonds/ Mutual Funds/ Public Provident Fund/ Land, etc. to support your clients’ travel. It is often observed that the annual income of an individual supporting the family’s holiday are not enough to cover the expenses for an Australian holiday. In such cases, it is important to provide additional documents that support the affluence and financial status of the traveller. Merely stating in the covering letter that the “client is known to us” is not a good enough reason for HA to grant a visa. It has to be substantiated with necessary evidence for wealth and incentive to return to India


6.       For MICE groups, please write to, and the concerned visa officer will offer necessary assistance for your group. With no biometrics or personal interview, the e-lodgement facility will certainly encourage corporates to consider Australia over other destinations


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