The Best Hotel Accommodation in NZ

When you are looking to visit New Zealand, you need to choose the best quality hotel for your stay as it can help to improve the experience of your stay here.

When you are looking to visit New Zealand, you need to choose the best quality hotel for your stay as it can help to improve the experience of your stay here. A hotel is not just a place that serves as a shelter for you in a foreign land but it also greatly determines your overall holiday experience. Choosing the top quality hotel can be somewhat challenging as you may need to balance your budget and the need to have access to high quality amenities. Here are some of the finest hotel accommodation options for you to consider.

The Farm at Cape Kidnappers

The Farm is truly one of the finest destinations for travelers to stay when they are in New Zealand. Overlooking a nice peninsula, it offers wonderful views of the surroundings. The Farm is also known for offering world-class cuisine, top notch cliff-top golf courses, wonderful wildlife experiences and impeccable services. The back country estate can present guests with an excellent 5 star experience steeped in opulent luxury. The hotel has an old world charm of its own that is hard to miss. The rooms are nice and warm and feature wooden interiors. 

Bay of Many Coves

The Bay of Many Coves is an accommodation center based in Queen Charlotte Sound of Marlborough, New Zealand. The hotel features 11 suites which overlook the beautiful bay and serene scenery here can have a deep impact in the minds of any observer. The suites have a minimalistic decoration and are characterized by a prominently wooden interior design. The suites also allow visitors to enjoy the blissful harmony of nature. The suites may have 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms and come with entertainment systems and kitchenettes. Additional services include restaurant, spa services, bar and Wi-Fi internet. 

Marino Ridge 

The Marino Ridge is an island lodge that is surrounded by picturesque vineyards and tree lined coves. It overlooks the Owhanake Bay which is ideal for picnicking and some private swimming. The area is also filled with numerous restaurants and galleries. The hotel is notable for its polished concrete terraces and modernist glass designs. The hotel also offers an outdoor fireplace as well as a heated swimming pool that allows people to relax and unwind. There is also a library that contains numerous books on New Zealand history, photography and travel writing. The rooms in Marino Ridge have a minimalistic design. 

Helena Bay Lodge 

The Helena Bay Lodge is a lodge in the North Island comprising of only five suites. It serves as a beautiful spot for some nice romantic gateways. Helena Bay Lodge is also known for its scintillating views of the Pacific, private beaches, great services and topnotch amenities as well as excellent cuisine offered by an Italian chef that can translate into a delightful experience for the travelers. The rooms are notable for their rich European influences that guarantee a comfortable and intimate experience. The hotel also has multiple lounges as well as fireplaces to ensure optimum comfort for the visitors.  

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