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Top 5 activities you must do while travelling to Queenstown, New Zealand.



Do you know that Queenstown got its name as it was considered fit for Queen Victoria? Interesting, isn’t it! However, the town has come to be recognised as the adrenaline capital of the world, owing to the number of adventure activities it offers. The place is a must visit if you have even a single adventure activity in your bucket list. The best thing about Queenstown is that it can be visited all round the year and yet, it will never disappoint you. Whatever is your age, Queenstown has one or the other adventure activity fit for you. With its remarkable scenery and stunning locations, this place will never let you down. Know more about some of the most loved adventure activities:-

Shotover Jet

Shotover Image Credit by

Shotover Image Credit by

No adventure comes close to this world famous jet boat experience in Queenstown. A ride that will give you that most desired adrenaline rush when you ride through the narrow canyons, spinning 360 degrees. Ride on a speeding jet that takes you down the river in an exciting and adventurous manner. The route is both thrilling and breathtaking and you would be left wanting for more, post the journey.


NZONE Skydive Queenstown

NZONE Skydive Queenstown

What can be more beautiful than skydiving at Queenstown! With its amazing scenery including rolling hills, blue lakes, white snow peaks, rivers and much more, you will never forget the experience of skydiving here. Jump from as high as 12,000 – 15,000 feet from the sky and nothing can be lovelier for you all through your life. Yes, it’s certainly a life-changing experience.

Bungy Jumping

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One of the most popular sports, Bungy Jumping means throwing yourself from a bridge and plummeting down with a rope tied to you. Most of the adventure lovers have bungy jumping in their bucket list and Queenstown is the place to go for two reasons. One that bungy jumping was born here and another, the beautiful scenery. Bungy Jumping is one sport that makes you leave all your worries behind and dive down, to experience the time of your life.


heli-hiking-queenstown heli-hiking-queenstown, book with freedom tourism


Skiing is quite a famous sport; however, have you heard of heliskiing? Heliskiing takes you on a helicopter ride and lets you choose your private track for skiing. What an interesting concept it is! Ski or snowboard down at your chosen track at your own sweet pace. Soak up the astounding views of the Queenstown and thank God for giving you such a lovely opportunity.


para gliding - queenstown

paragliding – queenstown, book with freedom

Paragliding is not just adrenaline rush, it is also absorbing the peace of nature while you glide around. Once again, the breathtaking scenery of the lovely town, Queenstown comes as a saviour here. When you begin paragliding, you are all excited and feel an adrenaline rush. But, after taking off, you are relaxed and at peace. Paragliding was born in New Zealand and what better than Queenstown to experience it.

Canyon Swinging

If you have already tried bungy jumping and want to try out something as good, then canyon swimming is the thing to do. Here, your entire body will be trapped with a harness and you will be swung down from a height of 109 metres. The sport is quite popular as it offers lots of flexibility. You can choose the sort of rush you desire to experience in canyon swinging. If you want to experience plain jane rush, then you will be swung by a professional normally. However, if you want to pump up your blood and experience the extreme, the professional will swing you upside down. And you know what; there are ten different types you can choose in canyon swinging. The best way to experience the adrenaline rush, it seems.

While these were some of the most loved adventure sports, it is by no means a comprehensive list. Some of the other sports that Queenstown has to offer are whitewater rafting, jet boating, fishing, mountain biking, golf and others.