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  • Opononi Beach
    Image Credit by Opononi Beach View-from-Holiday-Park
  • Opononi Beach
    Image Credit by Image Credit by Opononi Beach Holiday-Park

Opononi Beach

Easy-going Opononi and near to Omapere are places to live the beach life, catch a few fish and zoom down the giant dunes of the Hokianga. Opononi and its twin settlement Omapere provide a slice of beachside living in the heart of the Hokianga Harbour. A white sand beach stretches all the way to Opononi Wharf, where you can catch a water taxi to the giant sand dunes on the other side of the harbour. Sand Dune surfing on boogie boards is a thrill that leaves you sandy but extremely satisfied. Fishing trips can also be arranged at the wharf. Opononi was made famous in the mid 1950s by the tame dolphin Opo, who used to let children ride on his back.

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