People and Special needs

New Zealand law requires that every new building and major reconstruction provide ‘reasonable and adequate’ access for people with disabilities. Most facilities have wheelchair access, but it is wise to check when booking.

  • Weka is New Zealand's disability information web site, with information for people with disabilities, their families, and caregivers.
  • Or call Weka on Ph. 0800 17 1981


  • Tour operators such as Accessible Tours and Jetsave can provide holiday packages for individuals and groups. Most transport operators do cater for people with special needs, but it is recommended to phone ahead to inform operators and check availability. Most urban transport buses are not equipped to cater for the disabled.
  • Parking concessions are available for people with disabilities, and temporary display cards can be issued for the length of a visitor's stay. In order to obtain a New Zealand card, visitors should bring their home mobility card or medical certificate as proof of disability. Once in New Zealand, contact the NZCCS on 0800 227 225. Most parking areas have parks specifically allocated for the disabled.


  • Those with special diets can contact the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry for information on bringing particular foods into the country,, or email