Top Tourist Destinations in New Zealand

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Top Tourist Places to Visit in New Zealand

New Zealand is truly one of the most incredible destinations in the world to discover. The North Island and the South Island which together make up the landmass of New Zealand offers plenty of great locations that you can explore as you plan for family vacations to NZ. Packed with breathtaking scenery, unforgettable landscapes as well as a unique and unparalleled combination of mountains, lakes, fountains and lush greenery, you need to see the country of New Zealand with your own eyes if you need to believe its spectacular beauty. It is important that you devote sufficient time for exploring both stunning natural landmarks as well as its lively cities when you visit New Zealand.

Here are the 7 most important touristy destinations in New Zealand that you must try out.


Fiordland National Park is considered to be one of the most important and scenic locations in whole of New Zealand. While you are here, you can go for hikes, cruise along the spectacular fjords and do some fishing for trout in south western corner of South Island. The Milford Sound is widely regarded as the best attraction in the Fiordland National Park.

Tongariro National Park

Tongariro National Park is the first NZ national park and it has plenty of surprises and extremes to offer. It has a diverse ecosystem that includes active volcanoes, tranquil lakes, herb fields, desert-like plateaus and untamed forests. If you want to explore the true natural beauty of Tongariro National Park, then you need the guidance of a travel expert who knows this region like the back of his hand. Freedom Tourism can offer you expert travel solutions to enrich your stay in New Zealand.


Auckland is a hot favorite with anyone looking to go for family holidays to NZ. The City of Sails is also the most populated and largest city in NZ. Located in the North Island, Auckland is known for great food and vibrant culture. It has a fine blend of history as well as modern life.


Paihia is mostly suited for anyone who wants to explore the Bay of Islands. While Paihia is immediately notable for its small town feel, it can present with plenty of great recreational opportunities for a traveler. There are also a lot of great hotels here and scope for fun filed activities like scuba diving, swimming and dolphin watching. 

Glacier Country

The Glacier Country is located on Western Coast of the South Island. The park offers great glimpses of Fox Glacier and Franz Josef Glacier, the two most well known glaciers of New Zealand.


Nelson is located right at the northernmost area of South Island. It is known for enjoying the maximum hours of sunshine per year in New Zealand. This naturally leads to great climate all throughout the year. The city is also surrounded by 3 important national parks which makes Nelson a truly great place for some engaging outdoor recreation. The city is also known for its wineries and plenty of local agriculture.

Stewart Island

Stewart Island is 3rd largest island here in New Zealand. It is located even further down south than the South Island. A large part of this island is undeveloped and forested. More than 80% of the island here forms a part of Rakiura National Park which offers a chance to discover New Zealand’s wild side.